How to works GTU PSAR 11th Patent Search & Analysis Report regarding seminars

How to works GTU PSAR

Patent Search Methodology and Analysis by Last Year Engineering Students of GTU

11th report regarding seminars organized by various GTU affiliated colleges for the final year GTU BE students to add to awareness about IPR or Patents and guide them on how to make?

Patent Search & Analysis Report (PSAR)

The seminars organized by special well-known institutions to train and guide their students About IPR or Patents, its significance and how to work on and generate Patent Search & Analysis Report (PSAR) was conducted at different Colleges by their faculty members, who conducted this seminar, had got teaching on these topics by participate in Faculty growth Programmes, organized by GTU.

These seminars and activities at special colleges are conducted to boost the awareness power About IPR/Patents in the middle of all students of technical branches, and to take out innovative Projects by all students of Every year, GTU Innovation Council -GIC has launched PSAR activity through online project tracking system for only BE final year students. In this PSAR activity each student has to student 5 different patents or any related to his/her project work or related to his/her area of interest. After studying each patent students have to reply very basic questions about each patent to GTU online project mentoring/tracking. Click To WEBSITE

Training and Planning:

For further training and planning college has planned to make sure the status of the student’s PSAR
Preparation every weekend. College had already planned for online reporting. GTU PSAR are trying to encourage some of faculty members to form a potential team to go for patent clinic And explore more about patent filing procedure and “Techno legal” document drafting.

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